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Time:02:57 pm
Anth 3351 (african Culutre) is in deep shit. The department needs about 4 more people to sign up for it! Otherwise, forget about it.

Please pass this on, and edit it as you see put! But please forward this ASAP. I'll probably call you later on also. Furthermore, registration has been pushed back sometime till the end of next week, so there is still time to register!
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Subject:Archaeology! Once again, in New Orleans
Time:09:47 am
This message was forwareded to me by our very own Archaeology firm in New Orleans, Earth Search Inc. (ESI)
I hope to see some of you out there!!!

Hello all!

Volunteers are invited to participate in
archaeological excavations at Oak Alley Plantation,
St. James Parish, Louisiana, on Friday, August 12th
and Saturday, August 13th.

Earlier this summer, archaeologists from ESI excavated
the footings of the garconnieres at Oak Alley
Plantation, finding well-preserved deposits associated
with portions of these structures. Our investigations
allowed us to make some preliminary conclusions about
the construction, design, and possible functions of
the buildings. Now, the Oak Alley Foundation has
requested that we conduct additional work designed to
give us further information about the use and
chronology of the buildings.

This is a unique opportunity to do archaeology at one
of Louisiana’s most famous and scenic antebellum
plantation sites. Volunteers will assist in screening
soil from excavation units and may help clear dirt
from one garconniere’s interior floor. It will be
HOT, so if you decide to volunteer, be prepared.

If you are interested, please call (Office:
504-947-0737) or e-mail me (dryangray@yahoo.com) as
soon as possible, and I will provide additional
information. If transportation is a problem for you,
it is possible that we may have a carpool leaving from
our office in New Orleans on Saturday morning.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing
from you soon!

Ryan Gray
Earth Search, Inc.
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Time:09:07 pm
Check out this new ANTHROPOLOGY WEBSITE. You can create a BLOG to post, create an account, read news and NETWORK with like-minded people:

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Subject:Date of Migration to North America in Dispute (again)
Time:01:38 am
Current Mood:sneezy
gacked from archaeological:

Press release claiming 40,000 yo footprints found in Mexico. Which is quite a long time ago.
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Subject:For everyone in Spring's Senior Seminar
Time:08:12 pm
AAA membership passes the referendum to rescind the AAA's previous acceptance of the results of the El Dorado Task force.
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Subject:Archaeology in New Orleans
Time:10:29 am
Anthropology Club Members and friends,

There will be some more archaeology opportunities this summer. The wonderful Shanon Dawdy will be in New Orleans for a few Days in July (11th and 12th). Shanon is a terrific person and very wonderful to work for. Attached below is the letter she sent to me.

Carlos O.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I'm sending you this invitation either because you've
volunteered with me before, or you may know
students/avocationals who might like to.

I will be doing shovel tests July 11-22 at Pitot House, one of
the historic late 18th-century "West Indies" plantation houses
that faces Bayou St. John in New Orleans (1440 Moss Street).

Because the museum has limited hours during the summer, I am
limited to weekdays, which I know won't work for some of you.
But if it does and you'd like to join, please send me an
e-mail with your preferred days.

Besides the curious history of the house (it housed New
Orleans' first mayor, but also was home to an exotic poultry
farm), I am interested in this area because it was the first
settled by the French, known to be a smuggling depot, and home
to contact period Native American villages. Despite this,
there has been little archaeology in this part of town.

In case of rain threatening, you can give me a call on the
cell at 773-450-3047. It'll be hot, but I am looking into
buying a portable canopy and I'm hoping the museum will let us
do early hours, 7:30-3:00 (though of course you don't have to
get there at the start).



Shannon Lee Dawdy
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
University of Chicago
1126 East 59th St.
Chicago, IL 60637
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Subject:West Papua, anyone?
Time:02:52 pm
Are you interested in getting involved with the West
Papua Solidarity Group? If so, come to a veggie
pot-luck/meeting to talk about what the group has done
in the past and to chart a course for its future.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done to
support the struggle for land and autonomy in West
Papua. We need ideas for fund-raising and harassing
Freeport among others. So come, bring a vegan or
vegetarian dish and bring your ideas. Hope to see you

Sunday June 26th
7725 Cohn St.

Information about the situation with Freeport-McMoRan and West Papua:
(this was written by WPSG New Orleans folks)

here is a pamphlet you can print out and pass around about Freeport-McMoRan:

Contact the New Orleans West Papua Solidarity Group at:
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Subject:University of New Orleans Anthropology Club Newsletter
Time:10:46 pm
Current Mood:does it matter?
Attention all University of New Orleans Anthropology Club (and Non-Club) Members:

The summer is passing by and the club has yet to do anything as a whole. Unfortunately, I have been incredibly busy between nine hours of summer classes and working forty hours a week. As a consequence, I have had no time to orchestrate any club functions. With the end of first mini-session approaching, I will have completed one of my classes which will open my schedule for more time to plan and organize club functions. I do apologize for taking so long to start this but I am sure everybody needed a well deserved break from everything, and now it is time to start organizing functions that everybody would be interested in participating in. We can always have Dinner Night and Movie Night but I would like to incorporate more varieties of functions so we can experience as much as possible. If anyone should have any ideas they would like incorporate with the anthropology club please contact me via e-mail. Second, if anyone would like to talk about their ideas in person and would like to meet up somewhere feel free to get in contact with me so we can set up a time and date. I would be happy to talk to anyone about anthropology club, anthropology in general, and thing else we can come up with. I would like thank you all of who have joined he club and took the time to participate in club meetings this past semester. I would also like to thank those who have been posting journals on live journal for the past month or so keeping fellow anthropologist busy with functions to attend. I look forward to meeting any and everyone and discussing anthropology and the future of our club.

Thank Your For Your Time,

Brent M. Tranchina
Club President

P.S. Just a friendly reminder, the U.N.O. Anthropology Club is open to the public. One can be an undergraduate, a graduate, a professor, a faculty member, and/or a student/professor/faculty member of another college. We happily invite all to attend club meetings and/or discuss anthropology with us.
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Subject:CRITICAL RESISTANCE fundraising PARTY!!!
Time:09:58 am
This Thursday, JUNE 9th
10:00 PM
7833 Burthe St
(Uptown, Corner of Fern, Burthe is one block down from Maple)

Sliding Scale Donation at the Door, raising money for Critical Resistance:
Come party like there's no tomorrow!
Or, just come and have a beer.
Bring fun people!

For questions/directions,
Erin edproven@loyno.edu
Kate akscott@loyno.edu
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Subject:Store Wars
Time:08:16 pm
Check out the mini-film "Store Wars" at:

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[icon] UNO Anthropology Club Community
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